SPT Portable Dishwashers reviews

There is hardly any person in the world who can say of themselves that they adore dishwashing. Many of us have to admit that dishwashing is the worst house duty we are to do. Fortunately for us, we have portable dishwashers now. These wonderful devices are especially invented to make our life easier. Now almost every kitchen is equipped by a dishwasher and we don’t imagine our life without it. But what to choose for yourself? The market offers us a plenty of choices.

There are a lot of models for your choice. Roughly speaking, all dishwashers can be subdivided into three categories: portable, countertop and full console dishwashers. They have different functions and different opportunities to be built into your kitchen furniture set. Portable dishwashers are more convenient for a number of reasons. First of all, they are more mobile and they can be easily placed wherever you want to. You don’t need doing a complicated work in order to built it in your kitchen. Moreover, such household appliances are usually smaller so they won’t take much place. It’s especially good for small rooms lacking of the space. In the case of small kitchens, the dishwasher’s top can serve as the additional working surface, which is a big plus of these models.

Ok! I’ll take a portable one, but what model i should to choose?

SPT Portable dishwasher

SPT is the leading manufacturer of dishwashers and it offers a lot of models, both portable and countertop. They come in different colors and finishes. SPT portable dishwashers are especially popular among customers who are tired of having pillars of dirty dishes in their kitchens and of washing them by hands.

Two models of portable dishwashers currently offered by SPT are almost the same. Their size is 18 inches so they will easily match your kitchen no matter what small it is. Both dishwashers work automatically so they require minimum control from you. SPT portable dishwashers have a very convenient time delay function. It means that you can set up the exact time when you want to start dishwashing (1-24 hours) and it will begin within this period. You shouldn’t worry about troubles which will occur during dishwashing – SPT models are equipped with the error alarm displaying faults. These dishwashers also have a rinse aid warning indicator which will inform you about refilling. They also have up to 8 standard settings and 6 washing programs (All-In-One, Heavy, Normal, Light, Rinse and Speed). The faucet adapter included into the dishwasher’s standard package, enables you to easily connect it to the electric chain. SPT portable dishwashers have the automatic dispenser of detergents and rinse agents. Their interior is made of stainless steel and all heating elements are concealed.

As you can see, the best choice – SPT 18-Inch Portable Dishwasher White or Stainless Steel, still doubt?

SPT 18-inch Portable dishwasher stainless steel

The main difference between two SPT portable dishwasher models lays in their color and finish. You may choose between them. If you want to have the appliance in the high-tech style and looking more streamlined you can buy a Stainless Steel SPT portable dishwasher. The combination of black and silver and a more minimalistic operation console makes it the ideal addition to your modern kitchen interior. The White SPT portable dishwasher looks more basic but it nevertheless stylish too. It’s cheaper due to its finish and material of its exterior. Many customers choose the white model because its price is lower. But it’s you who are to choose between these two models.

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