GE Portable dishwasher reviews

General Electric is one of the most dependable manufacturers of home appliances and many households trust them immensely. Its many years of good reputation assure consumer reviews that they are getting the best quality appliances for their homes. It is no doubt that they will also deliver the best dishwashers in providing for your kitchen needs, as proven by the GE Portable Dishwasher.

Features and Specifications of General Electric dishwashers

This product comes with a 5-wash cycle system that includes normal wash, heavy wash, plate warmer, rinse, and pots and pans wash. It has 12-place settings to address different kinds of dishes.

Its Piranha Food Disposer and Power Scrub System makes sure that all bits of leftover food are removed so that your dishes will come out thoroughly clean. The heating system dries the dishes well after washing so they will be ready to be stored in your cupboards.

The GE Portable Dishwasher boasts of fine interior and exterior. Inside is a Deluxe Silverware Basket that is very durable and outside is a Woodgrain Laminate Top that brings elegance to your kitchen.

GE dishwasher: Thumbs Up

Instead of spending big on a kitchen remodel to have a built-in dishwasher, you can buy the General Electric portable dishwasher, which you can store in any available space in your home. Its sleek and classy design will bring an added style to any room. The best review is that once it is time to clean the dishes, you can just roll it over to the sink and attach the hose to the faucet. Setting up and operating the machine is not complicated at all and it can be ready for use any time.

It is unavoidable sometimes to remove all leftover foods from your dishes before placing them in the dishwasher and this causes inefficient cleaning in other models. The GE Portable Dishwasher has a Piranha Food Disposer system that grinds food particles so that they are thoroughly removed from the dishes and at the same time does not clog its pipes. Added to this is the powerful scrub system that attacks the dishes from all sides. Once the cycle is done, you will see that each dish is spick-and-span. They do not only look clean, but smell clean as well.

Portable GE Dishwasher reviews

If you hate appliances that sound like a spacecraft that is about to take off, you will be delighted to buy this GE portable dishwasher. You will hardly notice that the cycle has already started with how quietly it operates. You can hum your way into doing other chores in the kitchen without any disturbance at all.

When you order this GE portable dishwasher, you will also see how much savings it will offer you. The machine itself comes with a price that is easy on the pocket compared to high-end brands. With its Energy Star qualification and efficient washing system, you can be assured of less energy consumption both in your water and in electric bills.

GE dishwasher: Thumbs Down

One bad review for this model is its difficulty to be moved around. Even with wheels, you will need something to grip to push its bulky and heavy structure. Unfortunately, its exterior design failed to provide this gripping feature.

Nonetheless, there is much to be liked with this portable dishwashers. You can order it from an appliance store near you or from the many online stores that provide good deals all year round.

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